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Planning a commercial move may make the entire experience a smoother transition for both you and your business. If you’re planning a commercial move or even several business relocations, these tips will help to make sure that the move comes on time, on budget, and without many lost days of operation. The best part about moving office facilities is that they don’t have to be the exact site of your old operations. A commercial moving company can pack, store, and ship all of your office furniture and equipment to a new destination. Here’s what you need to know to make sure that the move is a successful one.

Know your timeframe. The size of your move (more than ten or twenty objects) and the distance between your new facility and your original office location should be your first decisions to make. You should also decide how long your movers will take to load and unload the belongings. Of course, the longer the move takes, the more it costs, so plan your move to avoid these costs.

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Check on the license of your commercial moving company. Before hiring a company, call the local Better Business Bureau and request information about any complaints the business relocation process has received in the past few years. You may also check their website for customer reviews and recommendations. In addition, find out if they pass a background check, and if so, what kind of verification they require. Do some research to learn about the company’s business practices, and then base your decision on those findings.

Share your personal knowledge with the movers. Spend some time with each of the relocation specialists assigned to your move. Find out how you can minimize the impact on your daily life, and learn what you can do to keep your business running as usual while the movers do their job. For example, share with them what kinds of schedules you have in place for your office move and ask them to create an inventory schedule based on your current office space setup.

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Keep your existing office furniture as efficient as possible during the commercial moving process. If there are any items that have sentimental or monetary value, consider having those items temporarily removed from your home during the move. Ask the commercial moving company you have chosen to rent storage space for large, irreplaceable items. A reliable commercial moving company will be willing to discuss your options with you and work with you to ensure that your belongings are transported safely and securely.

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Do not place any bulky or heavy items in high traffic areas of your office. As you know, commercial moving companies often move heavier items, like tables and desks, into temporary storage rooms for several days before moving them to your new commercial facility. You may want to ask your commercial moving company to explain their procedure for packing and moving your items so you can determine whether there are certain areas of your workplace that are particularly prone to damage during this type of move.

Best Commercial Movers in McLeansville, North Carolina

Do your best to maintain communication with your office staff members throughout the moving process. Make sure that all of them are aware of alternate contact information (such as a different phone number for emergency concerns) in the case of significant problems. In addition, let your staff members know when you will be releasing particular rooms or areas within the office. If everyone knows ahead of time that certain areas will be unavailable during certain times, you can avoid the stress of unexpected downtime that can occur when a moving company is unable to schedule an unexpected move. Let your employees know to avoid scheduling their own move, if at all possible. You can also instruct your movers to leave a copy of their moving checklist with anyone who will need it during the move.

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