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Exciting. Scary. Packing up and moving to a new town is always an adventure. While a long-distance move has some things in common with an in-town move, it also comes with its own set of unique challenges. But long-distance moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can experience a relatively stress-free move with a little bit of care and pre-planning. Here are our expert tips for making your long-distance move a success. Make sure you check out our other articles for moving advice too, since the advice in those articles applies to you, too.

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There’s just no doubt about it—long distance moving can take a bite out of your budget. This is a time to count every penny, even if you’ve received a relocation budget from your employer. After all, anything that goes over budget comes out of your own pocket. And showing up broke is a very stressful way to arrive in any new city. There are a lot of issues to consider. For example, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to move everything you own. Sometimes, however, it’s more cost-effective to move only your most precious items, and to replace everything else when you get there.

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It’s difficult to make this determination without accurate information. Call us for an in-house quote before making any decisions. You need accurate figures to build your budget, and it’s hard to do that if you only want to speak over the phone or work over e-mail. You also want to consider issues like gas, food, any hotels you’ll need to stay in, your deposit/first month’s rent or closing costs, and more. You’ve got a to-the-penny budget worked out? Double it to stay on the safe side. There are a thousand unexpected expenses on the way.

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Your child’s new school might require uniforms, even though your old school district didn’t. You’ll get to your new place only to realize you have to replace all of your spices, condiments, and cleaning supplies. Gas prices will go up. And for some reason, the amount you pay for your hotel room is always $10 to $30 higher than the amount that was quoted online.

There are a lot of self-service companies out there, and their big selling point is that they’re a great choice for frugal movers. Be that as it may, they’re a terrible choice for long-distance moves.

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If you really want to go through the headache you can rent a van in town, leave your car in the rental place’s parking lot, and drive that huge truck to your loading and unloading zones with relatively few mishaps.

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In a long distance move you’ve got to take your car with you. So you’re either going to have to drive the van alone while your spouse drives the car…or you’re going to have to put your car up on a trailer hitch and tow it while driving a huge commercial vehicle you have no experience with to an unknown location hundreds of miles away.

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